Who Is She:

I can safely assume that if you're on this page you came here to learn something about me that you don't know, so lets start with my name. My full name is Darshei Goode, pronounced DAR - SHAY. Apparently my daddy named me, and I've had people pronounce it wrong all my life lol. Last name, the "e" is silent. At some point i wanted a nickname to make it easier so my cousins started calling me SHEI (pronounced SHAY obviously). That name followed me to college because it was a simple common name to tell people, but then i had to always correct the spelling soooo, whatever    . I love my name now. 

If you don't know me personally, I'm 100% too honest, very outspoken and a fan of tough love so honestly a lot of the time i'm really being told to shut up. "Shut up Shei!" it pretty much just rolls off the tongue. 

What About Her:

I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. I would definitely consider myself a true Chicago girl with the slang, attitude & all.

I'm the girly'est '1 of the guys' you'll ever meet.

I LOVE Drake and I've been a fan of him since the first ever time i saw him live in concert at the 2008 Playas Ball at SIU. 

My favorite color is blue.

I LOVE music. 

Cooking is therapeutic for me & I can actually cook. 

I'm a Leo & yes I believe and follow the zodiac. 

I write poetry, planning to one day publish a book of them.

What Has She Done:

I started towards my radio career in July 2011 when I  landed my first job with Crawford Broadcasting as a promotions assistant on their street team. I spent the fall of 2011 working on the street team,  interning in the promotions department & producing my first radio show at Chicago State for my best friend. Shortly following in 2012 I graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelors of Arts in Radio/Television Communication with a minor in Journalism. From there I would spend the next 6 years working for Chicago's own Power 92.3, 106.3 Chicago, Rejoice 102.3 & Rockford's Power 106.3 holding a variety of titles in almost every department including Board Operator, Producer, & ending with Promotions Coordinator. 

Throughout my career so far I have also found myself blessed to have worked on a few other projects outside of just radio.

Much of which you can find throughout my website, but also scroll down and link with me on all of my social media outlets for full recaps, behind the scenes, updates & throwbacks. 

What Is She Doing:

I'm currently pursuing my own brand/company. I do freelance work as a Creative Director, Event Planner, Project Manager & Brand Consultant with a number of clients and personal projects. These are the only times I can run my mouth & not be told to shut up.


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