Music & Promo Videos

Artist: Chanelle Tru 

Song: Real Love

3 sets

6 scenes 

main cast - 2

March 2019

Inception inspired story searching for & finding the true meaning of "Real Love". 

Artist: Apollo SoGodly ft. Chanelle Tru

Song: Undergrad

1 set

6 scenes 

main cast - 6

supporting cast - 15-20 

Sept 2018

The perfect crush story. High school musical theme, with a Chicago feel. 

Client: Bree Specific 

Brand: Power 92.3 fm Chicago

3 sets

4 scenes 

main cast - 1

Jan 2019

Walk thru leading to Bree Specifics debut on Chicago radio station Power 92.3fm with Specific Sundays  

Artist: Chanelle Tru

Song: Self Made

2 sets

4 scenes 

main cast - 4

supporting cast - 4 

Aug 2018

Bosses link up in this action packed crossover of women who lead the pack & set their own standards.