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In Studio Session with The Game ft. Busta Rhymes

Time to share the story about the one time I was in #LA and went to a studio session with The Game, Busta Rhymes, Quavo & Takeoff (Offset was in jail), and Marcus Black (from Love and Hip Hop LA).

It actually all started at the #BET radio row earlier that day for #BETAwards weekend in 2015. Me & Rod were working the live broadcast with Shagg Nice, we had originally planned to go with Tone Kapone, but this was the same year Tone made his transition to WGCI literally right before BET weekend.

Radio row is a 2-day event where all the radio stations & media platforms across the country set up in one room and from about 9am until about 3pm artist come in & out stopping at different radio station tables and doing live interviews. Of course The Game stopped by our table to do an #interview, he was promoting the soon release of The Documentary 2 at the time.

You can click here to see who else I got a chance to meet that year at BET weekend.

The Game was actually cool as hell lowkey.

Shagg and #TheGame chopped it up for the interview, I'm not sure if they had already known each other or if Game was just super cool but we were looking for the move after work & he ended up inviting us all to a studio session he was having later that night.

We pulled up to the studio, and Quavo and Takeoff were already there, at the time they were recording a single with The Game called "Everybody On The Floor". Quavo had already recorded his verse, but we got to see #Takeoff record his verse live.

SN: During the recording process #Quavo asked me to borrow my charger (and actually gave it back before they left). They also asked who would roll the next blunt and I volunteered. They had a HUGE bag of weed and just kept rolling & passing all night. I feel like me & Quavo were friends after that lol

After they got done recording that single, the night got even doper. #BustaRhymes has arrived shortly after and joined us in the festivities.

Once we all smoked & socialized for a minute, The Game decided to give us an exclusive listen to his whole album The Documentary 2. He was really hype about the project, this was Busta Rhymes first time hearing it so I was capturing real time reactions on what he thought about it.

Marcus Black was also hype about the album, he was featured on it but had also been around for the entire creation of the album. At the time had been working with The Game for a while since his move to LA from Chicago.

The last song The Game played for Busta was "Last Time You Seen". The song talked about #Tupac, #Biggie and blamed #Suge. As you can see Busta definitely gave his cosign on this song.

After we finished listening, everyone ended up just chopping it up. I confronted Marcus Black for talkin shit to me earlier in the radio room, only to find out he was from the same chicago hood as me. We took two ugly pictures that night in the studio, here they are lol. Its cool though, we later linked in Chicago when they came for a viewing of The Documentary 2 visual and took a better photo lol.

Look at my damn hair. Looked like it was a long damn day lol

The sellfie was a little better, but not really lol

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