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Interview Experiences: Meeting Jamie Foxx

One of THEE dopest celebrities I have been blessed to meet so far was #JamieFoxx!

One reason is because he is hella talented overall but also because he's on the list of high profile celebrities that doesnt really need to do radio promo, so he's not someone i thought I would meet working at Power 92.

I'm pretty sure he said something funny right before we took this lol

This was back in 2013 where I was working full time as a producer at Power 92, at the time I was also the production assistant on #ToneKapone's Dish Nation Chicago Minute, a tv segment where he did interviews and entertainment news.

Jamie Foxx was visiting as a guest specifically for the #DishNation #Chicago Minute. He stopped by to talk about movies, music & a few other things at the time, but his interview shortly turned into a showcase of all of his talents.

The entire time Jamie Foxx was there he was entertaining, down to earth, funny of course, personable and really welcoming to not only Tone, but to me as well. That made it so easy to hide the fact that I was having a fan moment the entire time lol. I met someone I had been watching on tv & in movies for years, someone I had been listening to for years, his charisma & talent was real.

A major part of the interview was when he talked about his experience surrounding the opportunity he had to play Ray Charles in 2004 for the movie Ray. He talks to Tone about being given a tape with the voice of a 'young Ray charles' and how he used that as the dna to building his character.

Jamie Foxx was so open to having conversation about everything, he told us many stories & I was soaking it all in. The way he talked about other people in the industry really showed his humility. After telling us an interesting story he immediately cracked us up with his famous #TerrenceHoward impression lol.

Obviously we KNOW Jamie Foxx can sing so i caught a little clip of him doing some acapella during the interview as well.

I think I was really amazed with meeting someone so talented that didn't act like he was famous.

Later that evening Tone held a private Hennessy event featuring Jamie Foxx where he took over the dj booth and gave us a live performance while also talking about the first time he met #Chicago's own #KanyeWest before he was famous. I was front and center capturing the entire thing up close like the true fan that I was lol

Meeting Jamie Foxx def goes down as one of my top 10 fan moments, where I was so excited about meeting someone that I could barely talk, but he was so comfortable like one of the homies that by the end of the night I felt like we were friends lol.

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